Osaka, Kanagawa and Tokyo teenage height increase
Japanese people in recent height increase
Recent studies have found that Japanese people are becoming taller. Over the last 40 years a gradual but consistent increase in average height has been recorded in all areas of Japan.

Research goes public
At Outsmart we have researched and found the cause of why and how Japanese are gaining height. The average gain to an adult's height is 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm's). Looking at body proportions our research shows that both adult and teenagers are experiencing an increase in leg length. These findings are interesting, as there seem only to be a small increase in overall spine length.

Looking to the future
As legs become longer the appearance of Japanese will become more attractive and noticeable. Over the last decade Japan has seen a steady increase in it’s people entering the modeling, fashion and presentation industry, this is in direct relation to how Japan’s population has grown in stature.

New but nature's way
We have scientifically formulated a leg-lengthening natural exercise to help advance the legs to stretch more quickly than occurs in natural human growth

"Short" will be whatever is less than average for a given group.  In Japanese society generally, We suppose more than a couple of inches below
average would be regarded as short.  For presidents or prime ministers, less than about 5'11" would be short.

Height Discrimination
For the purposes of some discussions here, you're qualified as short if you receive HD (Height Discrimination).  This is when unkind presumptions are made about you - your character, intelligence,
competence and bravery - based on your height.  It's the act of regarding a person as a lessor because they are smaller.

If you want examples of this, a couple of regular bullies will probably help us out. They like to spend time trying to make smaller people feel bad about themselves.

This one is a perfect example. The main issue regarding small teachers, especially for very young children, is one of etiology, and has nothing to do with the bottled answers in this poorly drafted poll. 

Japanese Height Increase
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Outright Gossip!!!
Haruko Tanaka's legs become 7cms longer
Within only 3 weeks Haruko is please with her new height. She is now as tall as her boyfriend and able to apply for a position with the Japanese police force. Well done Haruko!!

Both upper and lower leg bones will gain length to make you taller. No stretching of your spine is needed so you can continue your sports and exercises
You may have heard of the epiphyseal plate closing near the ends of each leg bone. Our method forces these plates to re-open and new growth will begin.

You will gain up to 4 inches maximum
Thats about 1 inch at the end of the top Femur bone & bottom Tibia bone, the smaller fibula will stretch as it is very soft.

Living in Japan and becoming taller with exercises is quickly getting more fashionable

As or right now this site holds the only known answer to gaining height without the uses of medicines or high heel shoes or back stretching exercises, that's just a fact of life!

You already know life isn't fair.

But wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world that fosters confidence, a
place in which everyone stands tall, regardless of his height? or weight? or age? or ethnicity?

Imagine taking the high road and judging each individual on his or her own merits. Well this may not happen in Japanese culture for many years. this is also true in Korea as people are often judged as little people of littlwe value
Now that's a naff ideal.

Leg Technology

Specialist in increasing human height - Japan

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Many of us believe that size or lack of height is, at it's core, neurological and, as Kenneth Kidd, Ph.D., has found, one CANNOT become a short person without the "proper" genetics.  If this is the case, then there is no reason whatsoever that a short or taller man should not be able to become a teacher, providing he or she is effective in the classroom. 

Others, however, believe that the reason that size runs in families is that children "learn" smallness from peers, and become short themselves.  If this is true, then there is a very good argument that smalls should not be allowed to teach, or be caregivers for, young children.  This is a chilling idea, but is a natural consequence of the theory that how tall you are is not learned behaviour.